Bridging the gap between the source and solution

We know a thing or two about mobilising potential on a global scale. In fact, we offer end-to-end human capital solutions across Energy Transmission & Distribution. By assisting the industry with everything from investigative analysis to mobilisation, our consultants can ensure that everything is where it should be, at exactly the right time—whether your power travels via pipeline, rail or power lines.

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  • Worldwide distribution experts

    Worldwide distribution experts

    Whatever the source of power, whatever the destination, our global coverage and expertise means we are able to provide unrivalled support.

  • Agile human capital solutions

    Agile human capital solutions

    With services including Human Resources, Investment Identification and Project RPO, we offer an end-to-end approach to infrastructure and resourcing issues.

Our clients

At Pangea, we are leading a seismic shift in the energy sector, with relationships that cross borders, services and industries

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